Bookshelves "US" - Set of 4

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  • The set of 4 Bookshelf "US" is simple and functional way to store your book collection.
  • Characteristics for each shelf : depth 15 cm, height 15 cm, length 45 cm, weight 2,8 kg
  • Made of 2 mm-thick steel
  • Each shelf can holds up to 15 kg.
  • The 4 shelves offer 1,80 linear meters of usable length !

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Bookshelves "US"- Set of 4 Shelves

You can use all of these bookshelves to create a TEEbooks design bookshelves to your specifications.

Display your books, your DVDs, CDs, horizontally and/or vertically, that's one of the big advantages with TEEbooks bookshelves.

The shelves open up many possibilities. A simple design which delivers a simple and functional Bookshelf Design.

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Lenght 4 x 45 cm
Depth 4 x 15 cm
Height 4 x 15 cm
Weight 4 x 2,8 kg
Capacity 4 x 15 kg
Painting Matt Epoxy
Material Steel 2 mm of thickness

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