Cd storage W30 H60 D15 cm - 4 shelves

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  • Composed of 4 shelves.
  • Storage solution that is simple, effective and can be adapted to any interior style.
  • Dimensions: Width 30 cm x Height 60 cm x Depth 15 cm.
  • The unit offers a storage space holding approx. 112 music cds.
  • Material: high-end steel, FE 360 DC01.
  • Comes with handbook and assembly equipment.
  • Can also be mounted on the wall (mounting system provided).

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Cd storage W30 H60 D15 cm - 4 shelves

Store and organise your books, music cds and vinyl records of all shapes and sizes with the new Biblio-Tee modular bookcase. Perfectly adapted for storing your books, it will find its place in your home with refinement and discretion. The Cd storage 4 shelves 30x60x15 cm composed of 4 levels of 30 cm can hold up to 112 cds. Sturdy and easy to install, this new bookcase has been designed to showcase your music cds !

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Lenght 4 x 30 cm
Depth 4 x 15 cm
Height 60
Painting Matt Epoxy
Material Acier FE 360 DC01

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