Wall Shelf - white metal 45 cm

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  • The Wall Shelf - white metal 45 cm is a thick wall shelf for your home or office.
  • Shelf dimensions: 5cm tall x 45cm wide x 15cm deep.
  • Material: Steel FE 360 DC01.
  • Each shelf can hold up to 10 kg.
  • Screws and wall plugs provided.
  • Practical and easy to install.

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Add a designer touch to your home

A new creation in the contemporary style of TeeBooks, this white metal wall shelving unit will become the key part of a designer decor that combines storage, practicality and modern style. What could be better than a designer storage unit that brings elegance and brightness to your room? That's the task TeeBooks has set for itself with this Wall Shelf - white metal 45 cm. Painted steel, the current must-have item in your decor highlights the simple, understated lines of this storage unit and stands out on your walls thanks to the chunky, modern visuals of the 5cm shelf fronts.

Why did TeeBooks choose the colour white? White! A timeless colour that suits all interiors, that blends with all styles, above all brings brightness to your room since it reflects light, visually enlarges the space and gives it a feeling of purity. Ideal on colourful walls to highlight your books, CDs or decorative objects, it also allows you, by contrast, to highlight everything you display on the white metal shelf.

Do you need a designer wall shelf for your CDs and plants or a contemporary bookcase for your books? Are you looking a modern decor? Choose the white Big Tee wall shelf and optimise your storage space in style!

The white metal shelf: designer furniture for space-saving storage

The Big Tee Wall Shelf - white metal 45 cm is a comfortable surface to store, arrange and display your collections, decorative objects, books and DVDs with elegance. Even in the kitchen, your white shelves will be handy for holding spice jars or small recipe books on its 15cm of depth. Enjoy brightening up the walls of your living room, office or bedroom with these wall shelves that you can put wherever you want on your wall to personalise your designer storage unit. Two well-aligned rows will bring a linear style and make your rooms seem larger. A staggered or asymmetrical arrangement will make your wall decoration more dynamic.

In any case, thanks to these metal wall shelves, you will gain some storage capacity, without making your rooms look overcrowded, thanks to this wall storage unit! The white metal designer wall shelf is the space-saving solution for small spaces. Customise your library according to your desired aesthetic result. You can even save space by adding other combinations from the TeeBooks range for an even more harmonious final result.

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Lenght 45 cm
Depth 15 cm
Height 5 cm
Weight 2 x 1,3 kg
Capacity 10 kg
Painting Matt Epoxy
Material Acier FE 360 DC01

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