Vinyl Storage Wall Shelf - Set of 4

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  • Vinyl Storage Wall Shelf - Set of 4 is a handy and understated storage system to show off your records.
  • Shelf dimensions: Length 32cm x Height 15cm x Depth 25cm, Weight 3.5kg
  • Each wall shelf can hold up to 30kg and provides storage space for about 60 LPs.

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Vinyl Storage Wall Shelf - Set of 4

Vinyl Storage Wall Shelf - Set of 4 allows a discreet and practical storage of your vinyls to enhance your collection. Just like record shop shelves, you can now organise and classify your LPs thanks to the new TEEnyle record storage shelf.

Ideally suited for storing 33's, TEEnyle is a sophisticated and understated wall decoration for today's music fans.

Sturdy and easy to install, this new shelf by TEEbooks has been designed to showcase your vinyl and only your vinyl!

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Lenght 4 x 32 cm
Depth 4 x 25 cm
Height 4 x 15 cm
Weight 4 x 2 kg
Capacity 4 x 20 kg
Painting Matt Epoxy
Material Steel FE 360 DC01

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